EZ Towels 50 count bag

The EZ Towel is bio-degradable and septic-safe


The EZ Towel is about the size of a nickel but much thicker... They are made out of a completely 100% Rayon material that is bio-degradable and septic-safe. The EZ Towel comes packaged in a convenient, re-sealable pouch that holds 50 towels. All you need to do is simply add water, watch it grow, unfold and use. When the EZ Towel is unfolded, it is about 8 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches and it is durable, soft and absorbable. Forget paper towels! The EZ Towel does more work than 10 paper towels combined! The EZ Towel is a great product for: .Fishing .Hunting .Camping .Places where health and hygiene are important (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Daycare, etc) .Great for babies (A perfect substitute for wet wipes, especially when you are on the go) .A perfect addition to any survival or travel kit .Great for the home or office .A perfect addition for any BBQ Restaurant or Eatery .Perfect for carrying in your Car (How many of us eat in our car?) .If you own a mobile home or RV, Don't leave home without them! .Perfect to carry with you to the restroom (EZ Towels are septic safe and bio-degradable)

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