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  Quan.   Description Price Stock
1.   1960's New Coleman Silk Lite Mantles (2 pack)
vintage 1960s Coleman Mantles
Item No. cole1
$3.99 0
2.   Coghlan's First Aid Kit
Coghlan's First Aid Kit
Item No. CG04
$8.99 1
3.   Coghlan's Single Tie Mantle - 2 per package
Coghlan's Single Tie Mantle Fits most lanterns
Item No. CG7
$2.99 4
4.   Coghlan's Sleeping Bag Straps
Coghlan's Sleeping Bag Straps
Item No. CG02
$2.99 1
5.   Coghlans ABS Unbreakable Tent Peg 4pk
Coghlans ABS Unbreakable Tent Peg 4pk
Item No. CG10
6.   Coghlans Deluxe Broiler
Coghlans Deluxe Broiler is great when cooking on open fires
Item No. CG13
$8.99 1
7.   Coghlans Pack Grill
Coghlans Pack Grill features a Sturdy steel construction
Item No. CG07
$5.99 1
8.   Coghlans Soap Holder
Coghlan's Soap Holder
Item No. CG08
$2.59 1
9.   EZ Towels 50 count bag
One EZ Towels does more work than 10 paper towels combined 50 count bag.
Item No. EZ1
$6.99 3
10.   HD Designs grill 2 In 1 Chrome Plated Turner & Tong
This is a must for the Grill 2 In 1 Chrome Plated Turner & Tong
Item No. HD1
$5.99 2
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Firetiger Computer Mouse
Only $19.99
On SALE for only $15.99
Install in seconds
18" Firetiger Giant Lure
Only $39.99
realistic color patterns
24 oz Largemouth Bass Water Bottle
Only $8.99
durable and lightweight

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