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Firewood & Emerald Ash Borer

IDNR is working in cooperation with other Midwestern states to stop the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB),
an exotic insect that kills ash trees. It is against State and Federal laws to transport firewood
(other than pine) from quarantined areas where Emerald Ash Borer has been found.
Firewood CANNOT be brought into our Indiana state parks,
reservoirs and state forests from any quarantined area.
Quarantined areas include all of Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and various counties within Indiana
and other states (see link to map below).
Firewood from these locations will be confiscated and campers are subject to steep fines for violating the law!

New DNR Firewood Policy - Important for Campers and Picnickers
There are 140 known pests and pathogens that can be moved from place to place in firewood.
We all have a responsibility to conserve our Hoosier forests, so the DNR has implemented
a new firewood management policy that will be in place on all of our properties this year.
We also know how important campfires are to each of you when you camp
. We’ve included ways that you can still bring firewood in with you.
You can bring firewood into a state park, reservoir, state forest or state fish and wildlife area if
It is kiln-dried scrap lumber.
It is from your home or other location in Indiana and has the bark removed.
(Ideally, ˝ inch of sapwood beneath the bark will also be removed.)
It is purchased from a department store, grocery store, gas station, etc. and bears a USDA compliance stamp.
It is purchased from a local firewood vendor outside the property and has a state compliance stamp with it.
It is purchased from the property campstore or on-site firewood vendor and has a state compliance stamp.

We look forward to answering your questions about this new policy.
You may email those questions to
Thank you for doing your part to protect and conserve the forest resources on our DNR properties

Michael Rihm / Crew Captain

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